“In my distress, I cried to God for help from His Temple, He heard my voice; my cries came to Him, into His ears.”

-Psalm 18:6

” My comfort in my sufferings is this; Your Presence and Your Promises preserved my life.”

– Psalm 119:50

To All Family, Friends, Acquaintances and the Unknown,

I cannot possibly grasp the amount and diligence of prayers that have been sent up to our God and our Creator on my behalf.

The Holy Spirit has entered me, my heart, my soul, and my body without question!

I passionately embrace this intolerance to drugs that has been created in me through the Holy Spirit and your prayers.  I have developed a determination to live.  A determination and focus that I have never experienced in my life and I have gracious gratitude and forever thanks to those who have prayed for me, supported me, believed in me and helped deliver me from evil, darkness, and torture.  I am a Light, a child of God and am so incredibly thankful to my family, friends, acquaintances and the unknown!

Thank you for taking me into your hearts, thoughts and prayers for without these blessings and support, I could not do this on my own.  I have been saved, cleansed and forgiven.  It is the most precious gift and blessing I could ever imagine.  My heart is filled with love, joy, excitement, peace, contentment and determination that I would not feel had the Lord not reached down with His Righteous Right Hand to grab me before it was too late.

I had all but given up and He restored my Faith, hope, gratitude, humbleness and love for myself and others, through the Holy Spirit.

Thank you all so much from the depths of my being for the amazing and astonishing support.

30 days today September 21st, 2017, I am free from drugs. Thanks be to God!

I would humbly and graciously ask for your continued support and inspiration as I enter the next 30 days of complete sobriety.

Love to All of You,


Lord hear my prayer,

Please give me the inner strength to endure this situation in my life and to find the abundant blessings and lessons that all contain.  Please guide my thoughts, my words, and my actions in times of temptation.  Please give me the endurance and perseverance to continue with the new life I have been given.  I am abundantly grateful to you Lord for the mercy you have for me and the allowance of the Holy Spirit to enter me and cleanse me of my sins and save me from toxic enemies, and death.  Please bless my family, friends, acquaintances and the unknown with health, love and well-being.

Into Your Hands I place my worries, cares, anxieties, fears, trouble and temptations.

Into Your Wisdom I place my path, direction, goals and my sobriety.

Into Your Love… I place my life.

In Jesus Christ I pray- AMEN

21 thoughts on “30 DAYS: Founded September 21st, 2017

  1. Keep taking it one day at a time, Steph. You have an amazingly supportive family who loves you. After 30 days comes 31. After 31 comes 32. After 32 comes 33. And each one you add from there adds strength.
    I have a kids baseball team I coach. We have a drill where we count how many catches and throws in a row we make successfully. At first, they couldn’t even get to 10. But then they got to 23. Then 36. Then 54. Then it got to a point that I had to stop the drill because they got so many in a row that we knew would be keep going forever, so we moved on to something else. To something more they could learn and grow from. Something else to give them strength to accomplish. It was inspiring to watch the kids know how far they had come in a short time. I’m sure you understand where I’m going with this in relation to your life. You can do this.
    I know I will be inspired by each day you add to your sobriety. Keep going one day at a time, and it will take you far.
    Love, Shane


    1. Thank you Shane! It’s been just amazing coming out of the fog and realizing God was opening His Arms to me. I couldn’t do this without support and help. Long journey to go but embracing every moment.
      Love you,


      1. Love you, too, Steph. #StephStrong. it’s inspiring to know you are giving yourself a chance at a truly happy life again. You are giving me strength — and everyone else on this path with you — as you continue to move forward in a positive way with your life. One day at a time. — Shane


  2. Stephanie,
    This is not an easy path but a rewarding one. We are always here for you and as I continue to pray the one thing I especially hope for is that you will embrace the grace in yourself.
    Forgiveness of yourself and self love are key to the path of fullness.
    I truly love you my dear cousin,


    1. Amy,
      Thank you so much. I’m practicing forgiveness and learning myself all over again. Embracing every minute and grateful everyday. I can absolutely do this and am seeing myself succeed like never before. I love you 💜



  3. Stephanie,
    I’m so glad for the difference the Lord is making in your life! I will continue praying that He molds you into the lady He wants you to be. Hang in there. You have our love and support!


  4. That is wonderful news Stephanie! Congratulations! We will keep the prayers coming that you will continue to have strength, hope and perserverance! God is great!


  5. Stephanie, What a joy to hear of your determination and hope in God. I know someone who had been addicted and her life was in shambles for a long time but became renewed in God. She has a beautiful life today. I am going to share your story with her so that she will be praying for you too. God bless you!


  6. It warms my heart to hear that you have a new outlook on life. Stay strong, keep believing and take comfort knowing that you have the support of friends, family and the Lord on your road to recovery. We’ll keep you in our prayers. Proud of you!


  7. The changes I have seen in you have renewed my faith in the power of prayer. Your honesty, openness and willingness have allowed God’s love, spirit and grace to enter your heart and soul. I read recently that in life we all continously go through stages of larvae, cocoon and emergence like a butterflies. You are now emerging from a cocoon into that beautiful creation God intended you to be. I will continue to pray that He will give you the courage and strength to make each day a new beginning so that you may grow in His love and spread your wings to fly to new heights, not look back and only look forward to your new life. Love you! Aunt Elaine


  8. Hi Stephanie,
    You are doing great! Keep going down your new path. The fact that you did much of the work yourself in getting started in rehab and the follow up care shows that you are ready to change your life. Be strong in body and spirit and know that your family and friends are praying and willing to help in anyway we can.
    Gods gift to you is your life, what you do with it is your gift to God.
    Uncle Tim


  9. Sister

    I am proud of you to make the decision to receive love from God, family, friends, and strangers. It takes courage to love others. It takes courage to trust in God’s providence for our lives. He loves you! We love you! I pray every day for you in your journey.


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