30 DAYS: Founded September 21st, 2017

“In my distress, I cried to God for help from His Temple, He heard my voice; my cries came to Him, into His ears.”

-Psalm 18:6

” My comfort in my sufferings is this; Your Presence and Your Promises preserved my life.”

– Psalm 119:50

To All Family, Friends, Acquaintances and the Unknown,

I cannot possibly grasp the amount and diligence of prayers that have been sent up to our God and our Creator on my behalf.

The Holy Spirit has entered me, my heart, my soul, and my body without question!

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My sister needs our prayers

Steph 2016

I created this page to ask for your help.  My sister Stephanie has been consumed with serious drug addiction.  Her addiction has led her to become homeless and her health worsens with each day of use. We are consumed with worry and despair for her that she may die before she agrees to treatment.

As anyone who loves someone with an addiction knows, it’s a complex problem without a simple solution.  Unfortunately, none of the people who love Stephanie can help her recover her life until she becomes willing and committed to treatment.

So, I would ask :

#1 – Please join me in daily prayer for Stephanie, and for all who suffer from addiction

#2 – Please click read more, and use the sharing buttons to help me to ask other people of faith to join us in daily prayer for Stephanie.

#3 – Leave a comment that you are praying for her.  I hope that when she sees this page, it may move her heart to ask for help.

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